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This article will guide you on how to set up a NETGEAR router to block internet sites using the genie web user interface.

Key in the keywords for the sites that you want to block. Https webpages cannot be.If you would like to block computers to access some certain websites through the router,you can set Domain Filtering to achieve it.

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This process will make sure that no device will download Windows updates using your router.I am not shure but i think it is done something like this ip audit signature 34911 disable ip audit signature 34957 disable Good luck HTH.

However, the problem we have is access to just some websites, relating to logged-in functions.

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Is there any solution for block the HTTPS traffic using URL filtering.

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I tried connecting to but I get an error that it cannot connect.Then switch back to HTTP and all will be right with the world again.D-Link VPN Router > DSR-500N > Blocking of HTTPS site using website filters « previous next...From this picture each router independently runs the Shortest.

I have a Dlink DIR-628 router attached to a Comcrap cable modem.I can browse a supplier website, that I need to log in to, plus add items to the shopping basket, etc.Hi, I am trying to block Facebook access for a very small business workgroup.Clear up offline info saved for your router in the browser and you will be able to login.You then define rules as a combination of Hosts and Targets.Internet Parental Controls Start At Your Router New Tactics for Frustrated Parents Share Pin.

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A router configuration change should block access to the modem. not HTTPS).

How to Block YouTube. Most routers cannot block HTTPS websites,.Static route guide for blocking Google DNS on TP Link routers.Overview URL filtering presents some challenges when blocking a specific HTTPS site and, at the same time,.

On the other hand just a mere gazillion of workarounds can get us to normal simple web browsing.

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Is it possible to block HTTPS sites like Facebook using website filter or keyword block in DSR.

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IntroductionOSPF, being a link-state protocol, allows for every router.This keeps exactly the same GUI and features as the original ASUS but fixes so many things on the buggy ASUS firmware it is unreal.

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I own the ASUS RT N66R (I think it is a the same version as the U except for the labeling to prevent price matching).

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Maybe if I start at 0001 and go all the way to 9999 I will find one, lol. very frustrating.

Now I can access AICloud, use the Router app remotely no issues.

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As I said before, the router does not block any web sites unless you configure it to do so.You can restrict websites your children can access by restricting them in the router.